Delivery, Simek A/S Yard No.124, m/s “Caspian Provider”

by Hans | July 13th, 2011

Simek A/S delivers its new building no. 124, a platform supply vessel to Topaz Energy and Marine, Dubai. 

The vessel is of Rolls-Royce Marine AS, dep.: Ship Technology – Ulstein, design, type UT 755 LC . The design is the world’s most selling Platform Supply Vessel (PSV), and the design have continuously been improved since the fist UT 755 was delivered in 1996, and “Caspian Provider” has the latest state of the art equipment and development onboard. As of today, a total of approx. 185 off UT 755 designs has been built or is under construction worldwide.

The contract for the vessel was signed 12th August 2010, and delivery is 11 months.

Topaz Energy and Marine is a leading oilfield services company providing marine and engineering solutions to the global energy industry with primary focus on Middle East, North Africa, Southeast Asia and the Caspian Sea. Headquartered in Dubai and with more than 35 years of experience in the Middle East, Topaz operates a fleet of approximately 100 offshore support vessels and provides energy and marine engineering services. Topaz is a wholly owned subsidiary of Renaissance Services SAOG, a publicly traded company on the Muscat Securities Market, Oman.

Caspian Provider” is the fourth vessel delivered from Simek A/S operated by Topaz Energy and Marine in the Caspian Sea. Topaz Energy and Marine operates over 65 vessels in the Caspian Sea (Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan). “Caspian Provider” will operate out of Baku in Azerbaijan.

The greatest difference from previous deliveries of UT 755 LC’s to Topaz Energy and Marine is the additional accommodation deck, which gives accommodation for a total of 40 men onboard, together with covered forecastle deck forward. The covered forecastle and the additional deck together with the bulbous bow gives this UT 755 LC a new design and updated appearance.

The naming ceremony will take place at the yard on Wednesday the 13th of July 2009, and Mrs Judith, married to Neil Graham, Division Engineering Manager of the company, will name the vessel.

Main particulars:

Length over all                                              approx.            73,60 m

Length perpendiculars                                                          68,20 m

Beam                                                                                     16,00 m

Depth to main deck                                                                7,00 m

Draught, summer,                                                                   5,91 m

Deadweight;                                                                         3179 tonne

Gross tonnage                                                                       2471 GRT

Capacities (approx.):

Fuel Oil, Cargo                                                                       545  m3

Fuel Oil, Domestic                                                                  365 m3

Fresh Water                                                                           1090 m3

Water Ballast / Drill Water                                                   1485  m3

Base Oil                                                                                  206  m3

Mud (596 m3 incl. in Water Ballast)                                      993  m3

Brine (incl. in Water Ballast)                                                  397  m3

Dry Bulk (cement)                                                                  320  m

Accommodation                                                                     40 beds

Cargo deck                                                                               628 m

Speed (trial trip)                                                                    15 knots

The vessel has been built according to the highest class in Det norske Veritas, with Class Notation; +1A1, SF, E0, Dk(+), Hl(2,8), CLEAN, COMF-V(3), DYNPOS AUTR, for World Wide trading.

Caspian Provider” is UT 755L No. twelve delivered from Simek A/S. UT 755L is a medium size Platform Supply Vessel (PSV) of UT (Rolls-Royce) design. The 4 steel blocks for the vessel was built in Gdansk, Poland, and was transported to Flekkefjord on barge for assembly in Simek A/S’ heated building shed. The superstructure was assembled separately and fitted out before lifted on after launching of the hull 14th May 2011.

The vessel is divided into watertight compartments and has double hull to comply with the SF class and damage stability. Aft we have the steering gear room where the rotary vane type steering gears of make Roll-Royce Marine AS, Tenfjord Steering Gears, type SR622-FCP, turning the two Rolls-Royce Marine, Ulstein Hinze Rudders, type FB-S 1750. Here is also the hydraulic power unit for the two capstans on main deck above.

Down below and forward of the steering gear room is the aft thruster room with the 2 off electric driven Rolls-Royce Marine AS supplied Kamewa Ulstein C.P. transverse thrusters, type TT 1650 DPN CP, of 590 kW (800 hp). Here is also the emergency fire pump. Ballast-/drill- water tanks above are arranged as 2 off roll reduction tanks with the Rolls-Royce Marine AS, Ulstein Passive Stabilising system. On each side are fresh water tanks.

Further forward through a watertight sliding door, we enter the pump/gear room with the main propulsion gear boxes of Rolls-Royce Marine AS supplied Kamewa Ulstein make, type 600AGSC-V-KP50L, installed, driving the two Rolls-Royce Marine AS supplied Kamewa Ulstein Controllable Pitch, 4 bladed propellers of 2,9 m diameter, running at 197 RPM. Each gearbox is connected to a shaft generator of 1800 kVA @ 1800 RPM, which is the vessels main electric supply. The shaft generators are of Marelli Motori type MJR 500MA4, supplied by Rolls-Royce Marine AS, Power Electric systems in Bergen, Norway.

The ballast water and fresh water cargo pumps are installed in this area, with fresh water tanks above. Forward of the gear./pump room is the bulk room, with the bulk handling supplied by Rolls-Royce Marine AS, dep.: Rudders and Bulk handling, having a total capacity of approx. 11.300 cuft. Base Oil, Mud, Brine and Fuel Oil pumps together with the tank washing system are installed in this area. Ing. Per Gjerdrum AS has supplied all cargo and engine room pumps. The fuel oil cargo system is also fitted out with flow meter, supplied by AM Instrumentering AS, Ålesund. The amount of fuel delivered to and from the vessel is being measured and registered.

On each side of the bulk/pump room are 5 off circular tanks for mud, brine and ballast/drill water. Each tank is fitted out with an agitator for circulating the liquid and avoids settling of the cargo. From the bulk room, we walk into the engine room via a watertight sliding door, supplied by IMS together with the three other similar doors onboard. In the engine room to the right, we find the three separators of Alfa Laval make, one for lubricating oil and two for fuel oil, all of type PU 100 (automatic self-cleaning). On each side, the two main engines of Rolls-Royce Marine AS make and of type Bergen C25:33L8P each develop 2325 kW (3162 hp) at 900 RPM.

The engine room is forward equipped with two off auxiliary engines of Scania make, supplied by Nogva Motorfabrikk A/S of Søvik, Norway, type DI 12 62M, 285 kW, each with a Stamford HCM 434F1 generator rating 325 kVA at 1800 RPM. Here are also the necessary pumps and coolers etc. for the main engines. Forward of the engine room is the forward thruster room where two off side thruster have been installed, also supplied by Rolls-Royce Marine AS of type Kamewa Ulstein TT1650 DPN CP of 590 kW. The vessel is fitted out with a water mist fire fighting system which protects the exposed parts of the engines, separators and boilers where fire often starts, based on the Classification societies long time experience. The system is automatic started if a certain heat is reached, and installed in the bow thruster room, and supplied by Autronica Fire and Security AS, together with the CO2 fire fighting system for the engine room. The thruster room is surrounded by fresh water tanks on each side and forward the forepeak water ballast tank.

On tween deck, forward of the main engines is an engine room workshop, with all necessary tools for daily maintenance of the vessel. On starboard is the vessels engine control room, fitted out with Switchboard and Control Consoles supplied by Rolls-Royce Marine AS, dep.: Automation – Longva. Here is the alarm, monitoring and tank tender system, giving control of the engines together with all cargo tanks, cargo pump, valves and systems onboard. At port side on tween deck is the Pyro hot water boiler E1120 of 123 kW capacity, serving the vessel with hot water for heating and washing etc. A sewage treatment plant of type DVZ-SKA-40 “BIOMASTER PLUS”, supplied together with the vacuum toilet plant from Jets Vacuum AS in Hareid. The casing with the exhaust pipes from the engines and the air intake to the engine room is on the port side. From the engine control room is the stairs up to main deck.

The cargo deck of aft of the superstructure is approx. 630 m2, and the deck islined with pinewood. On the main deck can be carried various deck cargo like pipes, containers, pallets and similar cargo to the offshore installations. Aft on port side the cargo deck is strengthened and prepared for later installation of a 50 t @ 17 m crane The cargo deck is protected at each side by the cargo rail, and outside the cargo rail are the vessels loading stations, with the connection points for the liquid cargo and bulk hoses, amidships and aft. Between the cargo rail and the bulwark is a longitudinal passage on each side of the vessel.

Aft on main deck are two capstans used for mooring the vessel. The capstans together with the two tugger winches installed forward on the main deck, are used for securing the deck cargo, and are supplied by Rolls-Royce Marine AS, dep.: Rauma – Brattvaag together with the combined windlass / mooring winch on the forecastle deck, forward of the superstructure.

The vessel has been arranged with accommodation for a total of 40 men in 26 cabins. All cabins with WC/shower. The accommodation is built of light coloured panels, using textiles to give the interior a colourful and inviting appearance. Norac – Arendal, roof by Norac – Danacoustic, internal doors by Norac –Baggerød and the toilet modules by Norac – Ringebu, supplies the panels. The windows and window wipers are supplied by Bohamet, Poland, who have also supplied the external doors.

In the superstructure, forward on main deck are in aft part workshops and storerooms. Entering the accommodation from the main deck we come into either a change/wash room or direct to the entrance hall. In addition to the hospital are the vessels mess room, together with galley and provision rooms. Beha-Hedo Industrier AS supplied the galley equipment, and the provision cooling plant by Aeron AS. The laundry is also on main deck. On forecastle deck aft, we have the deck crane of 3 tonne at 16 m reach capacity, supplied by TTS AS. On port side a NorMar 650 Twin MOB-boat, powered by a 2 x 60 horsepower Mercury outboard engines, supplied by Eide Marine AS, installed in a davit, type HL9DP-A MOB3500 TTS, supplied by TTS Marine Cranes AS.

In the accommodation is casing, emergency generator room on port side. The emergency generator set, a John Deere, type 4045 TFM50 of 71 kW, supplied by Nogva Motorfabrikk AS with Stamford generator type; UCM 224F1 of 60 kVA. The emergency generator set supplies electricity to the vessel in case of failure on the main generator sets. 6 off Viking 25 men life rafts, supplied by Viking Lifesaving Equipment AS, together with fireman’s and safety equipment. Here are two of spacious day rooms and office with 4 off two men cabins.

The vessels air-condition room on starboard side A-deck supplied by Aeron AS. The exhaust uptakes and air duct to engine room on port side together with the CO2 room. 4 off 1-man and 4 off 2-men cabins are on A-deck, all with separate WC/shower.

Forward on A-deck is the windlass/mooring winch together with the forward mooring arrangement, the area is under cover, and here is also emergency access from forecastle deck, together with storeroom each side. B-deck has in addition to the exhaust uptakes and air duct to engine room on port side, 4 off 1-man and 6 of 2 men cabins with separate WC/shower. C-deck has 4 of 1 men officer cabins, office together with instrument room and exhaust casing. The bridge deck gives an excellent view for manoeuvring the vessel. Forward are installed all the latest nautical equipment needed while steaming, sitting in the captain’s chair supplied by Alu Design & Service AS. Aft is another captain’s chair within easy reach of the manoeuvre handles necessary for operating the vessel with the stern to the rig, Discharge of liquids and bulk cargo is also monitored from the aft command via the ACON pump and valve control system supplied by Rolls-Royce Marine AS, Automation. Here is also the Rolls-Royce Marine AS supplied PosCon joystick system installed. “Caspian Provider” is also fitted out with a dynamic position system of Rolls-Royce Marine AS make, type ICON DP2.

The wheelhouse is fitted out with the latest navigation equipment and communication equipment, mainly supplied by Furuno Norge AS.

WHEELHOUSE EQUIPMENT: 1 off Radar Furuno FAR-2137S, 1 off Radar Furuno FR-2117, 1 off Chart Plotter Telchart T-2121, 3 off Gyrocompass, Anschutz, Std 22 (Syberg Maritime), 1 off Magnetic Compass, 1 off Autopilot, Anschutz, Pilotstar D, 1 off Echosounder, Furuno FE-700, 1 off Log, Furuno DS-80 with slave indicator RD-30, 1 off Furuno GPS GP-150/ DGPS, 1 off AIS, Furuno FA-150, 1 off Sound Signal Reception System Zenitel VSS-111, 1 off Weather Fax Furuno FAX-30 for PC Connection, 1 off Dynamic Positioning, RRM, ICON DP2, Reference systems; 2 off DGPS, 1 off Cyscan.

Radio Communication plant GMDSS area A3., 2 off VHF / DSC, Furuno FM-8800S, 1 off MF/HF/DCS/+DSCWR radiostation Furuno FS-1570, 1 off Navtex, Furuno NX-700-B, 1 off Ships Security Alarm, Furuno FELCOM 16 SSAS, 2 off Inmarsat C, Furuno FELCOM 15 / Oki ML 280, 1 off Freefloat EPIRB TRON 40S, 1 off Manual EPIRB Tron 45SX, 2 off Radar Transponder, Tron SART (Jotron), 3 off Portable VHF GMDSS, Tron TR-20 (Jotron), 1 off Simplex VHF Furuno FM-2721, 4 off Portable UHF, Motorola GP340, 1 off GSM Telephone, 1 off GSM Telephone with Telefax, 1 off Inmarsat C Furuno FELCOM 15 SSAS, 1 off Inmarsat C Furuno FELCOM 15, 1 off Inmarsat Fleetbroadband 250 Furuno FELCOM 250.

Flekkefjord July 2011
KTA\press 124

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