CWind’s Innovative Boat Share Scheme Signs Three New Owner-Operators

by Hans | June 11th, 2012

Brightlingsea, 11th June 2012, CWind has recently signed three new skippers to its boat share scheme and placed orders for three 19m MPCs with CTruk Boats. These vessels will be built this year and will all work with CWind on charters, going straight on to contract on the UK’s east coast. CWind already has four vessels running under the boat share scheme.

CWind’s innovative boat-share scheme helps skippers to become co-owners of a workboat – in partnership with CWind. The increasing interest in this scheme reflects the opportunity it offers experienced mariners, to make the step up and work for themselves in the growing offshore wind sector in close co-operation with a proven charter company.

The boat-share arrangement means that CWind provides the charter contracts, whilst the experienced skipper manages the crew and focuses on delivering a high quality service to the charter client.  Furthermore, CWind provides the key operational systems including the QHSE, the fleet management, and the back-up.  For example; CWind makes sure that spare engines and parts are deployed along with the vessels to keep downtime to a minimum.  Plus there is access to the skilled technicians from the CTruk Boats’ boatyard if necessary.

The vessels available for this scheme include the 20-tonne and 50-tonne CTruk workboats with their huge, versatile payload and fuel consumption half that of a comparable aluminium vessel.  With a flexible pod* system, the layout of these multi-purpose vessels can be easily adapted within hours to suit a wide range of tasks for both the construction and operations & maintenance work phases on offshore wind farms.

(* patent applied for)

 “Our boat share scheme enables experienced mariners to participate in the ever expanding wind farm industry. The investment of the skipper means our clients get a can-do attitude combined with the proven management and QHSE procedures of CWind,” commented Peter Jorgensen, Managing Director of CWind.

CWind recently welcomed the CWind Athenia into the boat-share scheme, working with skipper Dave Bachelor.  A versatile 20T MPC workboat, CWind Athenia joined Dave Bachelor’s current vessel at the London Array, where the work involves crew transfer and generator management.  Dave commented “I’ve worked as an owner operator on my own and now with CWind as an owner operator on the Boat Share Scheme.  The CWind scheme is definitely the way forward for me because CWind has the resources, back up, systems and client contact that I think are critical to be an effective operator”.

She is operating alongside CWind Alliance – run by local skipper Andy Harman and his two very experienced sons, Ben and Joe, who are also on the CWind boat-share scheme with their vessel.  Ben explained the importance of the boat-share scheme from his point of view, “As a young owner-skipper it’s been a fantastic opportunity to work in this sector.  I wanted to move on from working for others.  This was the ideal step up,” he said.

Brian Croucher, owner-skipper of the 20T MPC Asherah with the scheme from 2011 and now working at the London Array, “The boat share scheme has been a great opportunity to be co-owner of a really great workboat.  It has been fun working on the ground with the whole CWind team, on a superbly manoeuvrable vessel that can really do more than any in its class.  Plus, the joint venture arrangement feels like I have the benefits of my own work.  This is far more interesting than anything retirement has to offer.”

Elsewhere, it’s been a scheme that for some has complemented their existing business. As Jon Brett owner-skipper of the Advance and one of the founder boat-share partners who started working with CWind in 2009 and currently operating out of Barrow-in-Furness said, “It’s been great being able to work both as an owner-skipper and to continue with my shipwright business. A clear win/ win for me and CWind, as well as fantastic to have the opportunity to work in this growing sector.   It’s a great scheme that I would thoroughly recommend”.

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