Anglo Belgian Corporation introduces the new DL36 range engines

by Hans | October 26th, 2012

100 years:  Anglo Belgian Corporation is one of Europe’s leading medium speed diesel engine manufacturers. The company has a century of experience in ship propulsion, locomotive traction and power generation solutions.

ABC was originally established in 1912 by a group of industrialists, with participation of the inventor of the diesel engine, Rudolf Diesel himself. Anglo Belgian Corporation values progression highly, with the goal to remain one of the largest independent diesel engine producers in the world. The engineering and production facilities located in Ghent (BE) sources the vast majority of its components in Europe, this way ABC has remained faithful to the roots of building high quality, reliable, durable and performing solutions.

The answer to the customer needs:  With the current DX and DZ range, ABC is offering solutions in the power range of 150-4000 kW aiming for the marine coastal, fishing, dredging-, patrol-ships, tugboats and inland transportation vessels looking for reliable solutions in this power- range. These engines are used in combination with alternators to generate electricity in power plants up to 30 MW and in powering locomotives with the DZ-engines in line or V-configuration.

The new DL36 range will expand the ABC market to larger vessels such as ferries, coasters, offshore vessels, military ships, dredging applications and large tugboats. With the 8DL36 (5200 kW) and the soon to follow V-versions (up to 10.400 kW) ABC will be able to supply all major shipyards with solutions for any type or size vessel. The DL36 range will also allow ABC to be competitive in the 20-80 MW power plant range.

With a bore x stroke of 365 mm x 420 mm, the DL36 will be set to deliver 650 kW/cylinder at 750 rpm with BMep of only 24 bar, ensuring that the traditional ABC reliability and robustness is maintained.

Introducing innovative technology such as EGR, 2-stage turbo-charging and a radically optimized common rail system, the engine’s emissions are designed to meet the IMO-3 requirements without catalyst, maintaining the excellent competitive fuel and oil consumption. For those applications not

requiring IMO-3 a full mechanical version will remain available. To be as versatile as possible, a wide variety of fuels like MDO, HFO, dual fuel and bio-fuels are possible.

The 6- and 8-cylinder in-line engines will focus mainly on the marine market where the V-engines (12 and 16 cylinders) will penetrate the large generator set applications to be found in thermal power plants as the 16DV36 will produce over 10 MW.

With the design and development of this new engine family, ABC confirms the position as a major player on the medium speed engine market.

Availability: The 6 cylinder will be ready to ship second half of 2013, followed by the 8 cylinder in 2014.

Strong points:

  •  Reliability and robustness
  • ABC engineering expertise
  • Made in Europe
  • Easy to service
  • Designed to comply with IMO tier III
For more information, contact Jean-Christophe Van Acker at

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