Europort 2013 is the showcase for innovative products for the marine industry.

by Hans | October 19th, 2013

Together with her dedicated partners, Alphatron Marine will introduce a number of brand new products to the expected 30.000 visitors.

Since the introduction at Europort 2007 the AlphaBridge portfolio became a benchmark to specialised vessel sectors such as: Patrol boats, Offshore Patrol Vessels, Patrol Support Vessels, PSV,AHTS, Pilot Station Vessels etc.. New developments for Europort include:
AlphaBridge  concept for Tugboats
The recently introduced AlphaTugboatBridge variant has already been widely accepted by tugboat professionals Kotug & Svitzer.
At show the latest version as will be installed on six new Rotortugs for Kotug.
Innovation is the key to Alphatron Marine’s on-going success. Once more a new, versatile AlphaBridge version will be introduced by the name AlphaPremiumBridge. The AlphaPremiumBridge is an ergonomic concept for typical applications like, amongst others, Patrol boats, OPV’s and Crew Suppliers presenting all relevant multifunctional information on 47 inch LED wide screens. A world novelty not seen before! This unique AlphaBridge version has been developed in close cooperation with JRC (Japan Radio Co. Ltd.) and will be introduced in Asia as well via long time partner JRC.
An AlphaSmartBridge version is to be introduced at a later stage, combining AlphaScada software, AlphaGuard Alarm and Monitoring and the new JRC MFD series as well as full Dynamic Positioning control  into one integrated concept.

AlphaLine MFD controller
Full screen selection and control is obtained via the brand new AlphaLine product named MFD Touch screen controller, mountable in for example the chair armrest.
The AlphaLine range of products is complementary to the products produced by Alphatron partners such as Japan Radio Co. Ltd and enable a stress free bridge concept with ergonomics as the guideline.
The successful AlphaLine range of marine instruments received a complete make-over and is updated to and with the latest available technology. All new AlphaLine control display units will be equipped as a standard with a Colour TFT touch screen easing operations enormously. As all new Alphatron products use the same in-house developed electronics the need for large stock and spare parts has been kept to an absolute minimum.
The identical hardware is only identified when installing the required software for each type, which increases the versatility of type approved instruments in an unprecedented way. This allows Alphatron to introduce a line of over 20 instrument types at a relatively short notice.
The first three of the above mentioned product range versions will be introduced at Europort and are suited for both high seas and river vessels:
MFS (MultiFunction Small) 5” touch screen (H)horizontal and (V) vertical display controller
MFM (MultiFunction Medium) 6.5” touch screen display controller
MFL (MultiFunction Large) 8.4” touch screen display controller

These will all be available in several versions as display instruments for various applications such as: rudder angle indicator, rudder propeller indicator, echo sounder, speed  or heading repeater. There will also be a control version for touch screen as well as hybrid, combining touch with hardwired switching of various functions into one panel.
Further extensions of the AlphaLine MF series are foreseen as both display and control units for navigation and communication equipment in the near future .
For the marine industry, this creates a unique and common identity with standard operation on the bridge like used as a standard in the aerospace industry .
All products can easily be fitted into a console using the unique AlphaLine snap-on/click-on method. Standardized dimensions of the products enable easy interchange ability of the products into a ships bridge console.

Furthermore at show 
  • Magnetic Repeater System TMC The new AlphaLine TMC System is a Transmitting Magnetic Compass, connectable to a magnetic compass. Like AlphaBinnacle H or M, the 5 inch repeater screen is  a clear indication. 
  • AlphaFibreCourse The AlphaFibreCourse gyro is a very sophisticated course indication instrument. Totally maintenance free and is fitted with the greenest technology available. 
  • AlphaFuelControl The AlphaFuelControl is a cruise control for inland waterway vessels that enables vessels to travel time related or speed related and which has proven to achieve an impressive reduction in fuel consumption.
Latest news: Alphatron entered the new AlphaPremiumBridge into the competition ‘Erkenningen Goed Industrieel Ontwerp 2013’ (Recognition Good Industrial Design 2013) and the AlphaPremiumBridge was granted the title! From now on, you will see the logo appear on our brochures. Alphatron is proud to once more be part of this select group which proves the concept also appeals to an independent jury of industrial designers.

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