International Tugmasters Association

by Hans | May 12th, 2010

The patron’s letter:  The launch of the International Tugmasters Association is a milestone in the tug world and of great importance for all tug masters around the globe. In common with ship masters, harbour masters, marine pilots and other marine professionals, tug masters now have their own association.

From my point of view this has become an absolute necessity. Why? In the first place, it gives the tug masters a voice. It also creates the opportunity for tug masters to share their knowledge and experience with colleagues from other ports. For the more difficult or complicated towage situations, other tug masters can be asked whether they have had experience with similar situations, feedback can be given regarding new developments, relevant and actual information can be circulated, etc. This can all be done by means of the ITA web site. ITA‟s intention is to upgrade tug masters‟ professional standards, to focus on the level of safety of tug operations in all its aspects, and to give tug masters a voice in the tug world. This will not only be useful for tug masters themselves, but will also benefit towing companies, port authorities, naval architects and tug builders.

It is of major importance that there is more feedback from the people in the front line than has been in the past – feedback from the real tug users, and feedback generated from the day-to-day practical experience of tug masters. I sincerely hope that the objectives will be achieved. It will take time, but with the combined efforts of ITA and its members, I believe it will be possible. Therefore I would invite every tug master to sign on and become an ITA member. It does not matter what port or country you come from, or what language you speak – you are welcome on board! I would also encourage towing companies to recommend membership to their tug masters. As mentioned above, towing companies will benefit as well. Finally, one aspect should be stated clearly. ITA is in no way a trade union or militant body. We will not interfere in any political, legal, contractual or union matter. Our constitution clearly states that we are dedicated to safety and enhancing the professional standing of our members, and this is what we will do to the best of our ability.

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