T.O.S. opens joint venture in Brazil

by Hans | September 13th, 2010

T.O.S. -Transport & Offshore Services– will strengthen its position and offer an improved service in the offshore industry with the establishment in Brazil of TIM (TOS Internacional Marítima LTDA). TIM is a co-operation between the Dutch based company T.O.S. and the Brazilian based company Internacional Marítima. TIM will provide crewing solutions for the Brazilian offshore market, as well as general ship management services.

Both T.O.S. and Internacional Marítima are two well known and reputable maritime service suppliers that have profound knowledge of the international and Brazilian market. They have joined forces to establish a new well based player in the field of maritime services providers. “The establishment of TIM is a logical step ahead in providing our customers with the best crewing solutions worldwide and especially in Brazil. The developments within the offshore industry in Brazil are huge, creating extremely interesting possibilities for our customers and along with them, for us. We are planning to serve our current customers even better and to expand our clientele worldwide.” says Kees Wagenaar Managing Director of T.O.S.     

T.O.S. keeps expanding T.O.S. started in Rotterdam, the Netherlands in 1992 as an agency for crewing and execution of ship delivery’s. In the first couple of years T.O.S. focused on the Dutch market with mostly Dutch crews. T.O.S. established her head office in Rotterdam and opened a branch office in Flushing for this purpose.

Smit Trinidad delivered in June 2008 from Galati; Romania to Antwerp; Belgium

But seafarers travel the world and so did T.O.S. In the last five years T.O.S. opened three foreign branch offices in Czech republic, Poland and Ukraine. After Brazil, further expansion is planned, but is still confidential. Wagenaar: “We prefer to have own branch offices and joint ventures beyond working with agencies! It is the only way to guarantee the good quality of our services to our customers”.

Internacional Marítima will take upon herself the Offshore challenge

Internacional Marítima is a Brazilian company based in São Luis do Maranhão, in the north-east of Brazil, and was  founded more than 30 years ago. Currently IM operates ferry’s and tugs in São Luis and Santos. IM employs today more than 2.000 Brazilian seafarers involved in the operation of its own and third party vessels.


Smit Dominica delivered in Februari 2009 from Galati; Romania to Ventspils; Latvia

The President of IM, Luiz Carlos Cantanhede: “TIM will help offshore operators and ship owners to face one of the main challenges in the growing Brazilian market: How to supply skilled crews to all the new vessels and platforms that are expected to enter in operation during the coming years? TIM will be able to combine the local expertise of IM with the international experience of TOS in order to offer a first quality solution in Brazil.”

Press Release T.O.S.

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