Redwise exhibition in National Towage Museum Maassluis lengthened.

by Hans | September 27th, 2010

The past weekend was in fact the last weekend that the exhibition on the history of the well-known Dutch company Redwise could be admired. However, the number of visitors to the exhibition exceeded the expectations and every day there are still people coming to see what Redwise has been doing in shipping over more than a century. The board of the museum has therefore decided to lengthen the exhibitionperiod by almost three months.

Redwise originally was mentioned Redwijs. This name shows in a way how the company came about. The shipping company was established by John. F. Wijsmuller, the founder of both the towage and the shipdelivery branch of the company bearing his worldwide well-known name. “Rederij Wijsmuller” was shortened into “Redwijs”. After the Second Worldwar his sons extended the business of their father and at a later stage only grandsons were involved in the company. In 2004 a management buy out took place and one of the consequences was the change in name to ‘Redwise’.

The shippingcompany performs “shipdelivery”, which means that by  a temporary but expert crew, ships are delivered from one to another port in the world. The distance is of no importance at all, nor is the type of the ship.  Nowadays a great number of new tugs have sailed with a Redwise-crew from yards in Asia to Europe or elsewhere. Recently a contract was signed for the delivery of no less than 13 tugs from Hong Kong to the Panama Canal. The first one just left the yard where she was built.  Not only tugs, but also tankers, cruiseliners, ferries, fishermen, conventional freighters and containervessels are sailed by the safe crewmembers of Redwise to new destinations. In fact, no task for shipdelivery is too difficult for the men of Redwise, as long as the ship to be taken from one place to another is seaworthy. What’s more,  complete towage voyages are taken care of since the past six years.

The experiences of the Redwijs/Redwise sailors could easily be written down in a thrilling book. A foretaste can be read in Dutch in the illustrated catalogue that covers the exhibition, obtainable from the museumshop. By means of shipmodels, a great many underlined photos and remarkable curiosities the visitors to the museum can see what kind of activities were performed by the company in more than a century. Upto and including 26th December next, the exhibition “In vertrouwde handen” (transl. ‘In safe hands’) can be visited every day from 14.00 till 17.00 hrs, except on Mondays, at the National Towage Museum, Hoogstraat 1-3, Maassluis-Holland. For groups a guided tour can be arranged. See also

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