‘QUINOA’ The new Pilot vessel delivered to the port of Bordeaux

by Hans | October 23rd, 2010

Safehaven Marine announced the delivery of the ‘QUINOA‘ an Interceptor 48, 14.5m Pilot Vessel to the Port of Bordeaux , France . The Interceptor 48 is a completely new design based closely on Safehaven’s renowned Interceptor 42, deep V Pilot boat hull, and sized to bridge the gap between their 42 (13m) and 55(16.5m) hull sizes. It has been designed to provide increased levels of seakeeping due to an increase in waterline length and displacment, yet still be capable of being powered by engines of 12 litre capacity at their heavy duty rating, and in this respect the hull has proved a resounding success, surpassing the contract speed of 23kts by 2kts to give a fully loaded operational speed of 25kts and achieving 26kts when lightly loaded.

QUINOA is powered by a pair of Iveco C13 engines at a continuous rating of 520hp and Twin Disc 5114 ‘Quick Shift’  gearboxes, turning 28″ dia 4 blade propellers. In fact the hull design has proved so efficient that it achieves the same speed as their smaller 42 despite an increased displacement of 1500kg to 17,200kg lightship (19,500kg fully loaded) with the same power. No doubt a benefit of the increased waterline length and planning area and this has allowed the engines to operate at only 70% of maximum power to achieve an operational speed of 22kts, providing very significant benefits to the owner in both fuel consumption and engine longevity. 

In other respects Quinoa also exceed contract requirements regarding noise levels, achieving exceptionally low db readings of just 73-74db at 25kts. This level of noise approaches that of designs with isolated wheelhouse but without the associated cost and complication. Special detail attention to noise elimination and suppression during construction, and the incorporation of a foam sandwiched deck paid dividends, with Quinoa being exceptionally quite and free of any vibration, providing a very comfortable environment for her pilot and crew who have a quite long, (22nm each way) transits to the boarding area off the port.

The Interceptor 48 also features fendering by Ocean 3, which is to the industry standard in France, this fendering design is of a high density 300mm dia rubber coated foam, retained in a grove formed in the hulls gunwale and retained by tensioned straps, it provides excellent protection to the vessel and allows very soft boarding’s in rough weather. Further protection to the vessel is provided by numerous diagonals and a lower run of Delta section fendering. The bow of the Interceptor 48 is rounded and allows the pilot vessel to be used for occasional pushing of vessels in assistance of tugs during berthing.

The Interior of Quinoa was especially designed from the outset to combine the highest level of ‘yacht’ standard fit out, with the most comfortable and efficient crew and pilot environments. To this end the cabin is fully lined in off white headlining and black gloss laminates and features a teak and holy cabin sole. The helm position comprises a wrap around GRP console incorporating all the navigation and engine instruments within easy view of the helmsman and providing an ergonomically comfortable car like driving position giving the helmsman the utmost comfort and control of the vessel. Pilots and crew likewise benefit from five reclining Recaro air suspension seats on black gloss GRP pedestals (although seating can be increased to 6 pilot seats if required)

The pilots at Bordeaux have to deal with very challenging and at times dangerous seas at the entrance to the Harbour where big Atlantic swells from the Bay of Biscay meet the strong 3-4kt ebb tide from the Gironde River and rage with special violence causing breaking seas at the Bar that reach over 10m in height during winter months, the Pilot vessel is expected to be able to navigate the Bar safely in up to 5m wave heights. As a consequence a fundamental requirement by the Port was for a pilot vessel with very high levels of sea keeping and Safehaven Marines reputation in this respect was unsurpassed by any other builder.

An important part of the design brief was for the Interceptor 48 to be fully self righting in the event of capsize by virtue of her high buoyancy superstructure and consequently the vessel has been built with numerous features such as automatically closing air vents, 15mm thick windows and watertight cockpit doors. In addition the superstructures forward windows are aft sloping to minimise pressure loadings when taking green seas over the bow, (a fairly regular occurrence due to the extreme conditions she operates in) Another advantage of the Interceptor 48 is the inclusion of a large and spacious forward cabin, this is achieved by virtue of having her engines installed further aft under the main cabin, where they are subject to less loadings and accelerations in rough seas, and are quickly removed in the unlikely event of failure through hatches incorporated in the main cabin sole and cabin roof.

The forward cabin on Quinoa features bunk berths allowing the pilots to rest and relax comfortably during transits at night time, and provides increased seating capacity that can be utilised in an emergency, or when additional passenger seating is required..

Quinoa is fitted with Safehaven’s unique pilot boarding ladder design improving safety for pilots when boarding but causing minimum obstruction to visibility. Quinoa was built under Bureau Veritas survey to the strict French Maritime authority requirements.

Press Release Safehaven Marine

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